A boring blog posted that turned into an honest 1000 words.

Hey everyone. My name is Phillip and I’m part of No Joke Radio. So my guy, Leander, who is taking the lead on the website design, told me to write some bullshit blog post. Writing is not my strong suit, but here it goes…

No Joke Radio is now about one and a half years old, and I feel more confident in it than ever. But it never really was anything I was satisfied with – until recently (more details will come in the near future). So how did we get to this point? I don’t know. Well… actually, I do know, but a lot of people will think I am crazy when I say it was because of astrology, tarot cards, and the law of attraction. Yes, I believe in the universe and the power of thought and action. Just ignore that and let us go back to the beginning of this story.

*rewinding tape noise*

It all started back in 2016 while attending my Master’s program at the University of Amsterdam. I was relatively lost at the time. I knew I just loved music. And at the time, I was interning at Deep House Amsterdam while studying at the University. However, my Master’s program was fucking hard. So I had to quit my internship and focus on school. I literally spent 40-60 hours a week in a library, but I was studying management in the creative industries. It was literally a dream program, like business and art? Fuck yea!!!! 

There were a bunch of cool people I met while studying there. One of them was Davide, the dude who I co-founded No Joke Radio with. He was an innocent music freak, who’s curiosity in the dance music capital of the world would frequently leave him flailing his unlocked wrists as he spoke the holy words – “P**** Dio.”

Meanwhile, I was the self-proclaimed “party-dude” – but really, I was just the naïve boy who got himself in trouble a few too many times. Luckily, my positive karma points, and my genuine charisma prevented me from going down a terrible path. God also played a part – and not that institutional god.  

Anyways, Davide and I met while studying the same program. He regularly invited me to his awkward apartment, where one of the roommates’ beds was in the living room. This apartment was the headquarters of our friend group. At this house, we would spend hours exchanging music from all types of genres. Our weird, quick, founded unorthodox family, all shared a love for music. However, Davide and I did not only share a passion for music, but we were also the business students that spontaneously could come up with an elaborate bullshit business plan. Plans that necessarily wouldn’t make us money, but were rather stupid fucking ideas.

Fast forward to the winter of 2017. Our unorthodox family got an annulment. Everyone went their own way. We were all sad of the great friendships we had all made. Davide and I were still in contact. We kept talking about a project that we should start. It only had two requirements: 1) it needed to be web-based and 2) it needed a very low start-up cost. The reason being was he living in Italy, earning 400 euros a month working as a crappy intern. I was living in Germany and collecting 700 euros of unemployment money without ever having had an actual job in Germany. For me, for 4 hours a day, I had to go to the unemployment office and sit with 5 other unemployed people and be reminded that I am an unemployed loser. We both were very unhappy with our situation. To no surprise, after a few months of living meaningless lives, we decided to launch No Joke Radio in May of 2018.

Davide being Davide and Sara politely ignoring it

We had no fucking clue how we would do it… Not too far into the launch of No Joke Radio, Davide, invited his roommate from Bologna, on to the project – Sara. Sara is a sweetheart who I have gotten to know over the last three years, from Amsterdam to my summers in Italy, and to working on No Joke Radio. She’s a cancer (astrological sign), so I have a soft spot for cancers. She also loves Hilary Duff, I love Hilary Duff too, so we’re cool. With Sara on the project (she’s a master in persistent communication) she put us into contact with some great collectives, clubs, and producers from across Europe.

We started to coast with No Joke Radio with weekly podcasts releasing on No Joke Radio’s SoundCloud. We kept going, we literally didn’t stop, we just kept going. It was weird. After a while, we started amassing followers from across the globe. We started collaborating with artists from Nairobi to Moscow, to Berlin, to London, to Texas, to wherever the fuck everyone is from. It’s fantastic, and I love all of them and hope to meet everyone someday!


Then came the Spring of 2019. No Joke Radio – in Germany – began having serious gigs that I needed help with. Only one friend was so willing and assertive in helping No Joke Radio, and that was Leander (the dude who told me to write some bullshit for our blog). Well, there were, and still are, other people who are willing to help NJR, but none of them as much as Leander. So I decided to invite him to collaborate on the project. Leander is the youngest member of the crew, being only 20 years old. He’s also musicophilic, and we’ve bounded countless hours over music. He’s essentially the best friend that I have in Heidelberg. Also, without him, our sound systems would probably sound like a baked potato.


Overall, I am happy to have been able to tell you a little bit about myself, and the three other members of No Joke Radio – Davide, Sara, and Leander. We’re talking nearly every day in our private group chat.

Oh yea, there is also Eugenio, Davide’s best friend, and our fellow classmate from Amsterdam. Where the fuck is he? He is in the group chat and technically part of No Joke Radio, but he hasn’t done shit in the last 9 months… But it’s okay. I know if we need him and ask for his help, he’d help.

Now, everything at No Joke Radio seems to be second nature. We have a lot planned for the upcoming year. We already have a new logo, a new site, and new forms of content. We’re excited to see what comes ahead, and we’re more than grateful that you are partaking in this journey with us too.

I love you all. And can’t wait for the future!