New Album, Moscow’s Music Scene, Making Music, and More – an Interview with Amnfx.

Hey everyone, Phillip here! I recently slide into the DMs of Firering Label Head, Amnfx, and chatted about his new EP release – Soundworks.Remixes. The EP releases on Decemeber 8th, 2019, on Firering.  Here is our conversation. Enjoy!

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I actually know you for a different Alias, but Amnfx is a project that you’ve been working on since 2015. Do you mind sharing with the world about the meaning behind this alias? And what Amnfx means to you?

Amnfx is an abbreviation from “Amen To Fx”: it means that without the invention of effects, we wouldn’t have modern music in its current state.

You’re from Moscow, Russia, right? What is the underground electronic scene like?

Yep, I was born here. The scene here developed from the 90s. There were these massive raves at the time and many many clubs throughout the 2000s. It changes from time to time, depending on the fashion and on the dominate music style.

What is special about it?

Now, most of the “club people” here in Moscow want to show to the world the importance of their lifestyle. It is a kind of a posh attitude to the clubbing scene – it is a strange thing.

What is missing?

The freedom of the club experience, and the positive music vibes. Everything is dark now.

You clearly show traits of an artist, and out of all the mediums you could’ve chosen on your artistic journey, why choose electronic music?

That’s a question I’ve been waiting for such a long time! I don’t know… House and techno music inspired me at the time. It seemed to be interesting to me to be able to compose music without beginning and without an end – as club music is supposed to be. Diving deep into it allowed me to understand many new concepts of time perception, in terms of everyday life and in terms of music. So basically, for me, electronic music was a school. At the moment I’m slowly diving into new fields such as pop, rock music and more…

Where does your artistic inspiration come from?

Inspiration mainly comes from the awareness of the possibility of creating music. At its very own, it’s often surprising to me when someone says, “I can’t write music.” Because I believe that every human is able to compose sounds. It’s easy! It just takes time, a huge giant amount of time, and maybe people seem to be unable just to learn it… or recognize how to do it. Every child is actually able to compose songs! Test them out if you don’t believe me.

And what would be your advice for artists struggling to find their artistic path?

My advice is pretty basic. Listen to yourself, but don’t listen to music you write; because it is your path, not a result. Also, listen to a lot of good old music; the older, the better, and analyze and decompose it.

Why do you say the older, the better?

Because in order to create future styles, we have to respect the roots. If you listen mostly to contemporary music, at some point, you’ll begin to imitate it.

You’ve released Eps, albums, and compilations on various labels such as Neo Violence, THRHNDRDSVNTNN, 100% Silk, & Tutamen. What motivated you to create your own label?

Firering appeared in my mind when I had new material, but it was too strange. Firering basically is a home for new, strange music, not for dance as well as for listening. It’s basically a laboratory… I wanted to create a space for the things that are not inspired by anything, for the really new things!

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Nina Kraviz with Silver Soundbox

I noticed that Nina Kraviz posted a picture with one of the Firering Cassettes – Silver Soundbox to be exact. How did that all go down?

We’ve known each other for a couple of years now, and we sometimes meet when we are both in Moscow. We usually take a walk and grab a cup of coffee and have a good conversation. She bought some of my vinyl records, and I presented her with the Silver Soundbox.

Your new EP Soundworks.Remixes is a rework of your first Firering release Soundworks EP. You state that this is the “best that I’ve written during the existence of the Amnfx project.” You also mention that you are creating a “new form” and that this is a rework with “brightly new sound colors.” Where do you think this EP will sit in comparison to your original release?

Not sure about this question, it’s subjective for every listener, and I can’t answer it.

Okay, that is a fair point. Then my follow up question is, what do you wish to tell everyone who is about to listen to this EP?

“As we dance to a beat that seems out of time
To the one you feel in the metronome of your mind
Does it offend you that our rhythm looks strange
Or causes your thinking to be re-arranged?
Could it be that you would understand this beat to which we dance
More clearly had you been given a chance?
So as you struggle to find the feel with your feet
Ask yourself, can you dance to my beat?”

Preparing for this interview. I went through most of your discography and your social media. One pattern that I saw with your visual aesthetics was that is that you use mundane scenery. What do you want to convey with this choice of imagery?

I actually use them a lot from the beginning of the project. Please take a look at the Amen video from Vision One album. I love to record footage of nature when I’m traveling. I think that electronic music is close to natural environments, and I like to cross these two.

Earlier, you stated that you’re slowly diving into new fields such as pop, rock, and more. Are you working on any new projects?

There will be two new projects very soon, but they will be disconnected entirely from Amnfx. One of them will be just about popular music, the second will be strictly about house music.

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