#016 NJR In-House Productions – Bologna

This episode is a selection of stunning funk and disco tracks from the end of the ’70s and the beginning of the ’80s.

A No Joke Radio in-house production.
Mixed and hosted by Davide in Bologa, Italy.

1. Armando Trovaioli – Sessomatto
2. Chet Ivery – Dose of Soul
3. Blackbuster – Shack Up
4. Universal Robot Band – Barely Break Even (Club Mix)
5. Joe Coleman – Get It Off The Ground
6. Steven Watson – Born To Boogie
7. Jimmy Ross – First Love Affair
8. Mystic Merlin – Mr. Magician
9. Emilio Santiago – O Amigo De Nova York
10. The O’Jays -Message in Our Music
11. Alice Street Gang – Bahia (Also Sprach Zarathustra)
12. Family Connection – This Time