#054 NJR x Firering by Soft Blade

This podcast is done in collaboration with the Russian label @fireringlabel and is mixed by @soft_blade.

Soft Blade is a German-born female musician out of Moscow, Russia. She began making music in 2004 because of her family’s music traditions. Today she is a regular DJ in Moscow’s underground playing at venues such as Science & Art and Smena. In 2019 she plans to release drum&bass 12″ in England.

Meanwhile, the Firering label is one of Moscow’s rawest labels. The underground label is known for releasing new music on recycled materials.

nissan groove – t-story
soft blade – unreleased
bryozone – dubbing child
niur – from her room
soft blade – zerkalo
zolaa. – kaban groove
rad machine – dark blue
spurv – vimpel 2
soft blade – veter
rad machine – leaves
zolaa. – lights out
soft blade – 16114205181
soft blade – hope he’ll never die
soft blade – katenka
nocow – samaya dolgaya noch
soft blade – drug