#084 NJR Hosts Key Watch

This podcast is mixed by the Montreal native Ke Watch. He submitted this mix under the title of “Groovy Netherlands Vol. 1” – “this mix contains 100% groovy bangers from the Netherlands.” This is a peek into what he has planned for summer 2k19 and features an unreleased track with @omayela.

Key Watch is a young Dj and event promoter from Montreal, Canada. We can define his style of mixing between house and Afro music. He was one of the first to bring Baile funk joints on the various Dance floor of the City in the past years. He also hosts a monthly show on the international Internet radio station N10.as.

1. @jayh-official – Bom’t (feat. Mula B, Bizzey & Dopebwoy)
2. @djirwan, Ghetto Flow & Kalibwoy – Wip Wap (feat. Kempi & FRNKIE)
3. Diplo, Bizzey & Ramiks – Dip Raar
4. @iski_lefty – Donkey Kong
5. @dopebwoyofficial – Salaris (feat. Bizzey)
6. Poke – In Je Face (feat. MocroManiac) 
7. Puri, Jhorrmountain & Adje – Coño
8. (@hirakofficial)$hirak – My Money (feat. Bokoesam, Bizzey &Dopebwoy)
9. @pokeofficial – Lekker He
10. @cazaofficial – POSITIE (Feat. Bizzey) 
11. @yung-felix – Loco (feat. Poke & Dopebwoy)
12. @Omayela – Mango (prod. Key Watch [UNRELEASED] 
13. @kelmanduran – 6 de La Mañana