#094 NJR x Fingerhut by lodosex

Claude B., a 28 yo producer and DJ from Heidelberg, leads his audience effortlessly from a retro picnic in the 70s to a dark, hidden machine room, where anything could happen. From experimental to sexy, he released his first EP on FERTILE IMAGINATION MUSIC on May 10th, 2019. Playing for his audience as lodosex, his favourite toy and biggest passion is vinyl.


Stevie Monite _ Only You
Patricia _ Shiba Inu Dub
NGLY _ Misterious Jazz From Hell
John Roberts _ Relate (RNDM k271 Remix)
Ondo Fudd _ Veto Plank
Prince of Denmark _ Prypjat
NGLY _ Service Cost HH2
Moodcut _ Stucks in Socks