#098 NJR Hosts Lowmo

Lorenzo Montefinese aka Lowmo, born and raised in Bari and currently living in Bologna, has been a voracious music listener since he was 12. His passion led him to carry academic research on electronic and black music, while also becoming part of the No Joke Radio family and an editor for Soul Feeder. Whatever he does, he’s probably doing it listening to music.

01. Burial – Dog Shelter
02. DJ Metatron – The Journey
03. Reedale Rise – Lorelei
04. Leonardo Martelli – Alice
05. Patricia – Placeholder
06. ERP – Into The Distance
07. Pariah – Orpheus
08. Mount Kimbie – Serged (FaltyDL Remix)
09. Burial – Raver
10. Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz’s Over 2 The End Version)
11. Doms & Deykers – Sweet Sanctuary
12. Shed – Estrange
13. Burial – Forgive

“Some of my favorite tracks to listen to at night, spanning 10 years of lonely walks and rides in various cities.

Inspired by endless walks, bike rides, metro trips, night buses and drives in Bologna, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, New York, London, Paris. And by the estrangement I feel every time I come back to my home city”.

A mix for nighttime restless flaneurs. When you roam around canals and docklands in the dark. When you bike through unknown neighborhoods, excited and lost. When you’re on the night bus, surrounded by dead souls. When you stare at the sea, streetlights reflections floating on the water. When the streets are empty and the city is yours. When you exchange glances with a stranger on the metro. When you walk home in slow motion and daydream in timelapse. When bittersweet is life’s only taste. When nights are sleepless and soul restless. When fear of the uncertain turns into hope for the possible.

A mix dedicated to these moments and feelings.