#099 NJR Hosts Steve

Duarte Tavares is a producer and a DJ from Lisbon, going by the alias Steve –@nucleardrill. Passionate for hypnotic atmospheres and bold bass lines, Steve dedicates himself to mirror his internal sonic compass. No time to waste and a preference for peak time hour reflects on his mixes starting on a high note and on the effort to keep up the momentum.

A collection of the artist’s favorite tracks mixed with his own soundcrafts. “High energy techno shining light to the ethereal and aggressive elements of acid, piercing stabs and buzzing sirens”.

LSD – Steve Parker
Nostalgia – Kastil
Sinner – Farrago
U.F.O. – Airod
Reaction – Airod
Never The Same – Amelie Lens
Petrified – Steve
Process – Steve
Gears – Dominik Schwarz
Unreleased – Steve
Mistaken Resolve – Ancestor