#100 NJR Hosts Vincent Luís

Vincent Luís counts to one of those young talents that have recently emerged from the ever growing music scene in the area of Heidelberg Germany. To date, though, his vinyl collection has genre-wise made its way into all musical spheres. Ranging from hypnotizing electro to old-school breaks and prime-time ravy techno cuts. Lately, musical movements like EBM, new beat and synth-pop have left his mark on Vincent Luís’ track selection.

His vinyl-only mix include tunes that he personally believes work well in the upcoming autumn. More precisely, during the transition from late warm summer days towards short, misty and rainy days. Just like the season, his mix starts rather deep and atmospheric up to the point of overcoming the fall blues. Only then, when one accepts that summer is not endless, autumn can come forth in all its splendor.

Komodo – Slow Burning (Latrec Remix)
Cooper saver – Coastal Breeze
Benjamin Fröhlich – Tivoli (Rhode & Brown Remix)
The Organism & Moscoman – Chumbai
Marvin & Guy – Colours
Perel – Monteiro da Costa
Terr – Tale of Devotion (Dub)
Wldv – Inner Communications
Enzo Elia – Volpinata
Red Axes – Shabak Shalom
Ca$hminus – 生命还存在意义吗?(Cornelius Doctor Blackmarket Remix)
Vakula – Unknown