#103 NJR Hosts Philip Habel

Philip Habel (@habelot) is a Heidelberg based DJ. His track selection is pure magic. You can find him either in Heidelberg, Mannheim, or Damstadt playing his groovy vibes. His musical spectrum is inspired by Hip Hop, Jazz and Disco. Whereby he does not confine himself into one of these categories, his music spectrum is wide, from House to Electro to Techno. He lives for the diversity and the joy found in music!


Tjade – Koi Jaye (Edit)
Big Miz – Great Pyramid Of Geezer
Cowboy Rhythmbox – Soda Jerk
Azoto – Any Timer Or Place (Mix & Fairbanks Edit)
Oliver Verhaeghe – Sunny Deej
Tom Jay – Lost Tapes
Dimmish – Twister (Dan Fresco Joys Edit)
Dan Shake – Daisy’s Dance
Cobra Edits Vol.1
Sour Edits Vol.4
Salary Boy – Tricks
Skitcut – Kiss My Bass Girl
Mark Laird – Sneakin
Tuesday Brunch – Free & Easy (Edit)