#105 NJR Hosts Modus vol. 2

This is the second time we host Modus .

Former leading member of Genoa based collective Wo Land and now composer for berliner Marmo Music Recordings, his music moves over different forms and styles, focused around a kind of sacral-highly-narrative electronic.

Love and curiosity about synthesizers and composition are two essential features of the sound path Modus wants to propose in every performance.

For NJR Modus plays “Classics”, some of big tunes from the past house era.


  1. MEN FROM THE NILE – Watch then come
  2. THE RETURN – New Day
  3. COCO DA SILVA – Saudade
  4. EDDIE AMADOR – House Music
  5. MARK FARINA – Betcha do
  6. TODD TERJE – Inspector norse
  7. RECLOSE – Chamois
  8. COSBY – La prom
  9. JIMI TENOR – Take me baby