#107 NJR Hosts WEHRO

Till Wehrheim aka WEHRO is based in Giessen and Frankfurt. The trained event salesman is part of the collectives Tonsymbolik and Plagiat. Furthermore he has his own party series as well as a mini location called Portier.

This mix simply represents a very short status update on my current taste. Usually I play around with Oldshool House, Funk, Disco and Italo but roughly a year ago the perspective shifted hugely. The Plagiat crew and two colleagues called Selective Service had such an impact on me to the point where Breaks are now the new love of my life. Spiced with just a hint of ambient to get things going and a glimmer of UK-rave-anthem-vibes to round things off.


1. S-F-X aka Chinaski – Love Streams ラヴ・ストリームス [Kitjen]
2. C Powers – Breach Of Sale [Sweat Equity]
3. Pépe – C0NTR0LL4 [H0RT4 3D1TS]
4. Sansibar – Liquid Programming [FTP]
5. Desert Sound Colony – I C Jangles [Holding Hands]
6. Local Group – Random Utterances [self-released]
7. Local Group – Laser Dome [self-released]