Why all music producers and DJs should get on to Tik-Tok ASAP!

Social Media has been a great line of communication for many artists. Nowadays, most incoming artists owe their careers to social media. That is why I want to help you get a head start on the next platform that is coming out.

I love sitting hours-upon-hours staring at my screen, consuming user-generated content, reading comments, and producing my own content. Over the last decade, I’ve made countless accounts on virtually all the platforms that were popular in that time frame. Professionally I work as head of social media, and one thing that I’ve never witnessed in all this time was the organic reach of a platform like Tik-Tok.

Yes, I know Tik-Tok is perceived to be the channel that only teenagers use to get their dopamine spike that fills the void of the insecurities that their parents have instilled into them. Wait a minute… That was precisely what Instagram was for me when I was a teenager. I remember all the old folks who thought it was stupid. Now, those exact same old folks keep reposting outdated memes.

Back to Tik-Tok, it’s like 2011’s version of Instagram. However, this time, it is different, and better, phones now have quality cameras and sound. We’ve become better digital natives in the last decade. People are more creative with their content. And most importantly, the population on the internet has doubled since 2010 – from 1.8 billion to 3.9 billion users.

Still not convinced? Okay, well, here are my 5 reasons you need to get on Tik-Tok.

1. It is a serious social media channel

In January of 2019, there were already 500 million users on it – that is 13% of the internet. It has been sitting as the number 1 social media app in the App store for most of 2019.

2. Organic reach is out of the roof

What do I mean by this point? Economically, there is more demand for content than supply of content. Most people sit on Tik-Tok consuming content rather than producing content. That means the algorithm, which is badass, is pushing your content into users’ feeds faster than the rate of users being able to consume your content.

3. It isn’t superficial like Instagram

With all the fake eyelashes, boobs, butts, shoes, lifestyles, Instagram just can be downright gross and disgusting. Meanwhile, the Gen Zers, who are the real digital natives, really took Tik-Tok to a new place that we have not seen other than Reddit. Tik-Tok has a very authentic and honest storytelling quality. It is a platform where creativity can genuinely prosper!

4. It was initially designed for music

Tik Tok was originally musical.ly, which was then bought up by a Chinese firm. The point being here is Tik Tok was initially used as a lip singing app that transformed itself into a social media platform. It was designed for music! Now the most popular feature on the app, other than the 15-second video format, is that you can use soundtracks from other users to remix your own content.

Lil Nas X at TikTok headquarters • TikTok

Do you know Old Town Road by Lil Nas X? Well, we can thank Tik-Tok for getting that on to the Billboard charts. Tik-Tok is a legitimate platform to distribute music. Recently, I was at a dinner party, they had the standard FM radio playing in the background, every other song I heard, I had already heard on Tik-Tok. I believe there is a symbiotic relationship between radio and Tik-Tok going on.

If you’re thinking, why should I get on Tik-Tok when all the music is shit there anyways? Well, there was a time in my life when Martin Garrix was my favorite DJ. I’ve come along way since, but never underestimate the consumer – maybe your track is the one that converts them.  

5. It’s not for teenagers anymore 

I just checked Tik-Toks’ explore page, out of the 15 profiles I checked, only 2 of them were from teenagers. Statistics are also showing that there is an aging demographic on Tik-Tok.

Overall, these points should have convinced you to get on to Tik-Tok. If not, well. I’ll see you there in two years.